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What Is Food Cost?

Food Cost = A percent of sales that determines how much money we make or lose on what we sell. To be a little more precise, actual food cost breaks down adding your beginning inventory and purchases together then subtracting them from your ending inventory. Once you have this actual food costs or usage you […]

How Are You Dealing With Food Cost?

Bar and nightclub operators typically focus on their liquor costs and sales; however food costs and sales are also an important aspect of running a profitably operation.  Here two key industry players provide insight on three very important questions. Walter Staib is the Chef Proprietor at City Tavern and host of A Taste of History […]

9 Tips for Running a Restaurant

Chef Duffy’s Tips for Success Hold pre-shift meetings: Duffy said he holds meetings before every shift so the staff knows exactly what’s going on for the day/night. They’re aware of what the specials are, what’s in them, how they’re cooked, and how they should be served. Sometimes, he said, it can be fun to announce […]